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what we offer

  • Powder Coating
  • Low Volume
  • High Volume
  • Very Fast Turnaround

Powder Coating

  • Powder Coating

    We Offer all types of powder coating for both high and low volume work.

    engine build

    Whether you want a large number of items powder coated or just an individual item we are happy to offer our services.

    The powder coating process involves first blasting or chemical cleaning an item before being coated by our expert team for that perfect finish.

    Our costs and times for delivery are very realistic and no job is too small.

  • Fast Turnaround

    Unlike most powder coating plants our bespoke setup allows us to offer rapid turnaround times.

    engine build

    Our powder coating plant is set-up in a bespoke manner coupled with a custom built curing oven which allows us to make multiple colour changes in a far more timely fashion than many of our competitors.

    We believe we are unmatched in our ability to turnaround items extremely quickly unlike many big plants which can often have huge delays in delivering finished parts.