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Custom Builds
Custom Paintwork
Powder Coating

what we offer

  • In-House Artist
  • Hand Drawn Paintwork
  • Airbrushing
  • Oil Painting
  • Paint to any surface
  • Original Paintings
  • Copy Any Design

Custom Paintwork

  • Vehicle Painting

    We Offer all types of paintwork on all types of vehicles.

    engine build

    From a simple respray to fully customised artwork over an entire vehicle we've got you covered.

    This is where our creative side shines. Our in house artist who is skilled in multiple mediums, anything from airbrushing to an oil painting will work with you to design your masterpiece wheteher it's a complete original or a copy of something you've seen and would like recreated.

    Check out the gallery for some of our in-house artist's masterpieces

  • Paint on Anything

    Not just vehicles, we paint anything.

    engine build

    If you have a picture or design that you want painted we can transfer that onto pretty much any surface that paint will adhere to. All pieces are then locked under multiple layers of clear coat for protection and buffed and polished to a glass-like finish.

    Over the years we have painted all types of objects including crash helmets, guitars, custom built guitar racks, games consoles, gaming controllers and the list goes on.

    If you want something painted give us a call.